Indigenous and Introduced Life on Belizo

Life on Belizo can be catagorized into four distinct groups originating from four distinct time periods on Belizo:

  • Native life originating before Impact (-2BYr)
  • Native life originating after Impact (-5MYr)
  • Life left by the Ancients (-350KYr)
  • Life brought by Third Imperium settlers (since 351)

Native Belizo life before Impact was almost entirely ocean based plant life such as algea and sea grasses. There was no direct land based life other than shallow water and tidal based life such as coral and tidal lichens. The oceans also had animal life in the form of bacteria and very small proto-krill.

After Impact the chaotic environment turbo charged Belizen evolution. The sea grasses, coral, and lichens all moved onto the land, and evolved into mosses, land-based lichens, grasses, and small shrubs (like Earthly Tumbleweeds). Ocean based bacteria also moved onto the land, and the proto-krill evolved to land-based insects about as evolved as (and the size of) dust mites.

Both pre-ancients phases of life produced species which were quite similar in appearence to the same groups on Earth. No more detailed examination of these species is included.

The third catagory of Belizen life is that brought by the ancinets. The most significant of these were three species of insect, one species of mammal, three species of large plant life, and one species of mushroom. There were also some additional species of bacteria brought by the ancients. All these species are listed to the left. They bear further examination because as a group they form a complete and self-sufficient bio-sphere (whether or not that was intentional is a hotly debated matter).

Life brought by the settlers covers a broad spectrum. First of all there are the bacteria and plants genetically engineered to do the terra-forming on Belizo. Some of the genetic manipulations are extreme, and these life forms would not be able to compete if left on their own. There are also standard plants which are designed to enrich the soil, most often simply legumes to trap nitrogen, but other plants, also genetically engineered do more sophisticated tasks. The settlers also brought standard food crops such as corn, wheat, beans, and others. Several species of trees were brought to Belizo both for lumber and for the beauty of forests. In terms of animals the settlers brought livestock with them so Belizo now has small herds of sheep, chickens, dairy cows, and some beef cattle, as well as farm raised fish.


  • Native life originating before Impact (-2BYr)
    • algea
    • sea grasses
    • coral
    • tidal lichens
    • bacteria
    • proto-krill
  • Native life originating after Impact (-5MYr)
    • lichens
    • mosses
    • grasses
    • small shrubs (similar to Tumbleweeds)
    • land based bacteria
  • Life left by the Ancients (-350KYr)
  • Life brought by Third Imperium settlers (since 351)
    • Terra-forming bacteria (bio-engineered)
    • Terra-forming plants (bio-engineered)
    • Standard crops (wheat, corn, beans)
    • Livestock (sheep, chickens, dairy cows, beef cattle, farmed fish)
    • Lumber trees, most often fast growing conifers (e.g. Pine and Spruce)
    • Lumber and beauty trees, most often deciduous trees (e.g. Oak, Elm, Maple, Walnut, etc)
For more information on the origins of life on Belize see the Geophysics page.
because of the near perfect biosphere of the species introduced 
by the Ancients it's thought that the 
introductions were planned.  There are, however, some scientists 
who think the introductions could have 
been accidental, but that other introduced species did not fit 
into a biosphere and died off.

researchers continue to monitor the effects of the terra-forming on the species introduced by the Ancients. most plants have blue tint

Two other planets in the Belizo system have life on them:
  • Itomendiablo (moon of LGG Ito):   moss
    • Photosynthetic
    • Very limited in quantity and sophistication
    • Unknown origin
  • Beliza (moon of Belizo):   moss, bacteria
    • Small areas of moss near ice patches
    • All bacteria is soil based near the moss
    • Probably blown off Belizo by Impact