Belizo Places of Note

Belizo is divided into eight provinces, and two territories. 98.8% of Belizo's population live in the eight provinces. 0.2% are scattered throughout the outback, and most of those live and work at one of the eight sites of research, mining, exploration, or terra-forming.

The two territories are, in essence, all the land on the two continents (respectively) other than what's in the provinces. The two territories are called the Eastern and Western Outback because they are almost entirely uninhabited places. Since Belizo has star ports, and has Imperial technology available to it these areas are fully mapped and have been viewed remotely many times. There is no unseen or unexplored frontier on Belizo (of course, one can still be stranded and even die in completely mapped areas).

Since there is almost no animal life on Belizo the outbacks are very open and lonely places. For those who like solitude Belizo is ideal since there are also no parasitic insects. No mosquittoes, no ticks, nothing to ruin a great picnic in the country other than the fact that the atmosphere will kill you in a few days. There are also no dangerous animals: no snakes, no poisenous spiders, no real scorpions (the Green Scorpion is a harmless mimic). Outback Belizo is a harmless (again, other than the atmosphere) quiet place.

Each of the eight provinces has one large city (which serves as the capital), and a handfull of small towns. The breakdown between urban and rural habitation is listed in the Demographics Table on the Society page.

There are eight sites on Belizo where there are offworld interests. These sites are indicated on the maps by an orange square, and they are lettered. Most of the sites are mineralogical in nature. Applications must be on file for offworld interests to maintain a site of interest of exploitation. The sites are:

Site: Party: Nature of site: Public:
A Chadwick Tech. Inc. Terra-forming Yes
B SuSAG LIC Terra-forming Yes
C Sternmetal Mining Yes
D Sternmetal Mining No
E Sternmetal Mining Yes
F Chadwick Tech. Inc. Terra-forming Yes
G University of Deneb Research Yes
H Ling Standards Experimental No

Lessor Artasia

Northern Ocean
Southern Ocean
Central Sea

Western Mortea
Eastern Mortea

Western Outback
Eastern Outback

Picaso City - (Peycore)
New Portland - (Farland)
Topel City - (Topel)
Enteresea - (Western Mortea)
Itap - (Eastern Mortea)
Bellotay - (Brochene)
Dorsen City - (Pent)
Natarisi - (Martino)

Straights of Eumasia

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