Politics on Belizo

Belizo is a representative democracy similar to that of the United States (Twentieth century Earth). There are three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial with similar functions to the same branches in the US government. The balances of power are also roughly the same. A notable difference is that bills can be introduced into the normal legislative process from public referendum, and if that bill fails the normal legislative process it can be repealed and forced into law with an 80% public approval vote. Also there is no electoral college; the president is elected by direct popular vote.

Like the US there are two legislative houses. One based on the provinces and territories, and one based on the populace. With eight provinces (2 members each) and two territories (one member each) the Belizo senate has 18 members, and with 9,243,000 inhabitants the Belizo House has 50 members representing about 200,000 Belizens each.

Province/Territory   Pop in K   HouseSenate
Martino 1,913 10 2
Borchene 1,707 9 2
Topel 1,620 8 2
Pent 1,182 6 2
Western Mortea 920 5 2
Eastern Mortea 757 4 2
Peycore 612 3 2
Farland 512 3 2
Eastern Outback Territory 12 1 1
Western Outback Territory 8 1 1
Totals 9,243 50 18
Belizo is subdivided into eight provinces and two territories. This, again, is similar to the division of states of the US. The provinces, however, do not claim all the land on Belizo, and the (vast) remaining areas are divided into two territories which are almost entirely uninhabited.

The provinces have provincial governments in similar fasions as the world government (each province has an executive branch with a governor, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch). The territories are bizarre mixes of town hall meetings, concensous, and agencies all with lots of politics, but the unspoken (and accepted) rule is that the territories allow corporations and outside influences to have a small voice in the government. On occasion the territories have also facilitated the amplification of the voices of various outback individuals.