Province of Martino

The province of Martino was established in 431 when the existing populated areas of Belizo were first split into provinces. At that time the first two provinces, Pent and Martino, were created, and the gov't changed from a one house congress to a bicameral congress.

Martino is the breadbasket of Belizo. The equitorial location, and the rich soil created from run-off from the mountains to the west (and now with centuries of terra-forming), and the rains that come east from the ocean create ideal crop growing conditions. All major crops (wheat, corn, alfalfa, beans, soybeans, and a wide variety of vegetables) can be found here. Over a quarter of the foodstuffs grown on Belizo come from Martino.

Martino is also the trade capital of Belizo. Most off-world imports and exports come through the Natarisi starport, and then move to rail, ship, or air transport on Belizo. The quarentine facilities at the Natarisi starport are the largest on Belizo, and are top notch. Ships landing at Natarisi land in fully negative presurized caccoons. Ships are disinfected, and thoroughly examined for contra-band, and off-world life forms. In the entire history of the port there have been fewer than a handful of off-world contaminations.

Ref's note: smuggling into Natarisi is almost impossible. Extrememly penalizing DM's should be applied to any roll for successful smuggling. Paradoxically penalties for contamination are not necessarily all that bad. Mere mistakes on the part of incoming ship crews are frequently given a slap on the wrist: for sure, the contraband does not get into Belizo, but the crew is sometimes just lectured, fined, and released. Gross attempts to tharwt the import laws, especially where it can be shown that the crew was aware of the Belizo import rules are an exception. In this case crews can be dealt with harshly including months or even years of imprisonment, and permanent confiscation of ships! In cases like this though the smugglers have full scale court hearings.

  • Foodstuffs
  • Manufactured goods