Province of Pent

The province of Pent was established in 431 when the existing populated areas of Belizo were first split into provinces. At that time the first two provinces, Pent and Martino, were created, and the gov't changed from a one house congress to a bicameral congress. Residents of Pent usually claim that Pent was the first province since the original city of Belizo, Dorsen City, lies in Pent.

Pent is has the heaviest industry of all the provinces of Belizo. Dorsen City produces major commodities such as ground, air, and ocean trasport, farming equipment, and heavy duty air purifiers. Dorsen City is the capital of Belizo so bureaucratic functions are also a major service industry. A large portion of Pent is dedicated to farmland.

  • Manufactured goods
  • Foodstuffs
  • Governmental Service