First floor:

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Smaller view

Second Floor

Victoria home

1) Airlock - Front doors appear as Victorian Oak doors, but are also obviously airlock doors with visible gaskets and such.
2) Closet - Normally holds two standard vac suits.
3) Foyer
4) Leisure room - Lush carpet, Victorian furniture, lush draperies, elaborate wall hangings, fireplace on east wall.
5) Living room - similarly decorated to #6, fireplace on west wall
6) Piano/Sun room - large grand piano, lushly decorated
7) Dining room
8) Airlock - provides access to the mud room (and basement via floor iris hatch), includes closet w/ vac suits & other.
9) Airlock/mud room - provides access to the garage.
10) Closet
11) Bathroom
12) Reading room - floor to ceiling bookshelves, two plush reading chairs
13) Laundry room
14) Closet
15) Bathroom
16) Kitchen - standard kitchen appliances, island counter, with access to back door.
17) Pantry - stored food and utensils in floor to ceiling cabinets in ring (walls and island)
18) Lift shaft. This is a square tube which runs the vertical length of the ship.
     The lift itself is a 4x4 grav platform.
19) Closet
20) Hallway to dining room
21) Stairs up to the Second floor, down to Basement (up is going down on the floorplan)
22) Back door airlock
23) Garage - Can accomodate one standard tracked ATV and one closed-top A/R, but usually holds two closed-top limo A/R's.

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