Second Floor:

Right side view Left side view Piano room (First floor) Garage (First floor) Front view Back view  

Smaller view

First floor

Victoria home

1) Recreation room
2) Master Bedroom
3) Single Bedroom
4) Hallway
5) Master Bathroom
6) Walk-in closet
7) Bathroom
8) Stairs down to first floor (down is going up on the floorplan)
9) Stairs up to Attic (up is going to the right on the floorplan)
10) Bathroom
11) Bathroom
12) Study/Play room
13) Single Bedroom
14) Walk-in closet
15) Emergency Air-lock
16) Walk-in closet
17) Guest Bedroom
18) Lift shaft. This is a square tube which runs the vertical length of the ship.
    The lift itself is a 4x4 grav platform.

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