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Jon "Red 24" Woodland

I first started playing Traveller in 1982 after a couple of years as a D&D player. Since I was the one with the interest and the rules, I became the referee. Over the years I have only occasionally played as a player, but always and foremost as a referee. We always played classic Traveller (is there really any other) and I have to this day never played Mega, New Era, T4, or Gurps versions of the game. Over the years I also GM'ed Champions, Gamma World and Star Trek (FASA), but always continued as a Traveller referee. The last time I played was around 1990.

Since that time I became a husband, a father of four, an audio engineer then a full time Computer Network Administrator. My interest in gaming never waned. In 1995 I started a Star Wars RPG game after moving to Victoria. I created a web page dedicated to Star Wars RPG and Miniatures at Red 24's Star Wars Gaming Page.

I have recently rekindled my interest in Traveller. I have been planing on putting together a support page for Striker miniatures, and if my players weren't so interested in continuing with their Star Wars characters, I would probably start up a Traveller game. Maybe I'll finally give running an online game a try. I'm sure, with that last comment, that I'll get a good response from all interested Traveller players.


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