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Campaign Background

The Chronicles of Ted D. Flask is based on the first adventure of an ongoing Traveller campaign I ran from 1983 to 1987. I decided to place my campaign in the sector to the spinward of the Marches, the Human Client States. At that time, I had no information about Foreven sector including its name. I designed my own area and started my game in the year 1148 so that it wouldn't conflict with any newly published material. My plan was to have Zhodani activity in the states increase over the campaign, eventually erupting into an all out war that the Zhodani were destined to win.

I decided to start all the characters as passengers or crew on a liner. I was also careful in my selection of players. I wanted four people who would be committed to a weekly game. My good friend Ron Parker was the first to join. He rolled up a merchant named Ted D. Flask who eventually became the central character of the campaign. Abigail Kitt, Ron's girlfriend at the time, played a pirate named Tnishia Xagok. Our friends Bill Moisey, playing retired fleet admiral William Ruumford, and Sean Sullivan, playing an ex-marine with an unknown past, filled in the remaining positions. Looking through my notes of nearly 20 years ago I came across the following statistics and background descriptions.

Ted Derek Flask:
Homeworld: Rephous (0607)/Telnar
Prior Service: Merchants Terms: 2
Age: 26 Birthdate: 150-1122
UPP: 8B8978
Skills: Admin-2, Bribery-3, Computer-2, Cutlass-1, Electronics-1, Engineering-2, Forgery-1, Gambling-1, Laser Rifle-1, Medical-2, Tactics-1, Vacc Suit-1, Winged Craft-1*

*Note: this may seem like a lot of skills for 2 terms, but Ron rolled five special assignments in eight years.

Spent eight years in the merchants and was discharged on Metsy by his own choice. His wife, Cynthia Krall, was recently killed in a pirate raid on the ship he worked on. Has decided to return to his homeworld and has already travelled to Arbuto on the first leg of his journey. Recently was hired on the Endeavour as engineer to Dichrom and possibly further.

He discovers that the ship is past annual maintenance by four months and tries to convince the captain to have it performed before the jump. The captain insists that the drives are fine and assures that maintenance will be performed at Dichrom.

Ted owns a small beaked monkey, Beaker, named Chalkie of which he is very fond.

William Rumfoord:
Homeworld: Asmith (0802)/Zem
Prior Service: Navy Terms: 5
Age: 38 Birthdate: ???-1110
UPP: ????????
Skills: ?

(Well, I searched as hard as I could, and I can't find any trace of Rumfoord's character sheet, although I still had his background writeup. It's odd considering that I even have the original sheets for rolling up the other characters. If it turns up, I'll forward the information on to downport.com)

Having served 20 years as a gunner in the navy, Rumfoord is discharged on Chemstar. He finds that his R&R is somewhat boring so therefore travels to Arbuto to liven things up. Here he finds it no better and takes passage on the Endevour to try once again. He heads for Dichrom with his funds slowly diminishing.

Tnishia Xagock:
Homeworld: Vanadum/Telnar
Prior Service: Pirates Terms: 3
Age: 30 Birthdate: 004-1119
UPP: A69A65
Skills: Carbine-1, Demolitions-1, Engineering-2, Gambling-1, Streetwise-1, Vacc Suit-2, Zero-G Combat-1

Tnishia grew up in a slum area of a large city, Canthera, on a planet with no law level. Through contacts of her early years she joined a local pirate society and made many raids over her twelve year stay. She has recently quit because she felt too confined by regulations and now seeks her own aims. She wears the sign of the "Silver Claw" above her left eye as a constant reminder of her ties. An excellent make-up artist, Tnishia constantly changes her appearance - keeping her mark covered at all times.

Homeworld: unknown
Prior Service: Marines/Other Terms 3/2
Age: 38 Birthdate: 301-1110
UPP: 888888
Skills: ATV-1, Brawling-1, Bribery-1, Cutlass-2, Gambling-1, Pilot-3, Revolver-1, Rifle-2, Streetwise-1 Tactics-1, Vacc Suit-1

Actually I never wrote up a background for Tal-Ku. It worked out well as Sean played him as a pretty ruthless character and he didn't last long.

The game began in 1983 and continue on and off until 1987 with many adventures. They went from being marooned, to blasting out of a neutral scout station in a stolen Zhodani ship, to espionage work, capture by a Bounty hunter (for blasting up a scout base), trial, prison planet, gangs, escape, formation of V-Squad mercenary group, development of PSI powers, discovery of a mystical amulet and an ancient archeological site, discovery of magic, time travel, Zhodani war, fighting demons and becoming the central focus of a millennia old fight between two mystical beings. Ted D. Flask was the only remaining player from the original game. By the time the game petered out, Flask's crew consisted of two Vargr mercenaries, a Zhodani scientist, and two retired scouts who were fighting to save the known galaxy.


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